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US Taxpayer-funded Military Massacres
Started Mar.2012.  Still under construction.

Date Killed Event Place Persons involved and/or responsible Notes/Response/Outcome

Johnson's Watch

Unknown hundreds of civilians, could be a thousand.  Rape victims, torture victims, mutilated bodies. Tiger Force Massacres Vietnam, Quang Ngai province    
Mar16.1968 >400 civilians  My Lai Massacre, aka Son My Massacre,  murdered innocent villagers, including mutilations and attempted rapes by Charlie Co, 1st Bat., 20th Infantry Reg, 11th Brigade of Americal Div.   Vietnam, My Lai and My Khe hamlets in Ngai Province 15.180782 108.886514 1.  President LB Johnson;
2.  Unidentified US taxpayers.

Here is a list of those in or associated with Charlie Co. 



The media coverage of My Lai was enormous once the cover-up was breached and helped push the US to an exit from the war.  Asshole  Representative Mendel Rivers (D, S.C.) was able to bias and prejudice military tribunals by holding "secret" hearings on My Lai and designating witness accounts "top secret" so they could not be used in trials.  In return for this "support" of the military, Rivers had a submarine named after him.  

Thanks to Mendel Rivers, none of the enlisted kiddie-killers of Charlie Co., like Meadlo, were prosecuted. 

Medina was found innocent by a rigged court marshal. 

Calley was found guilty of murder, was pardoned by Nixon, but is officially an American war criminal.  

Gen. Koster was demoted, stripped of Distinguished Service Medal, and censured for his cover up.

Koster is dead.  Medina, Calley, and all the other aging kiddie-killers of Charlie Co. are praying like hell that there is no hell. 

Feb19.1970 16 civilians: 11 children, 5 women Son Than Massacre, Vietnamse women and children summarily executed by 5-man USMC "killer-team".  Vietnam, Son Than village 1.  President LB Johnson;
2.  Unidentified US taxpayers.
3.  Randall Herrod.
4.  Michael Schwarz
5.  Thomas Byrd.
6.  Michael Krichten
7.  Samuel Green


This was the only massacre in VN the USMC was accused of having a role in.  The story was fairly well completely covered up and never received the media attention of My Lai, except in Oklahoma, where Byrd was from.  

All members except Kridchten, who took a plea deal, were court-martialed.

Schwarz was convicted of murder and given life sentence, reduced to 1 year by Maj Gen Chas. Widdecke. 

Green convicted of unpremeditated murder and given 5 years, reduced to 1 year by Maj Gen Chas. Widdecke.  Green committed suicide in 1975.

Herrod and Byrd acquitted, Herrod after extensive pressure from stateside and sudden replacement of the judge.




G.W. Bush's Watch

Nov.2001 250 - 3000 prisoners Mazar Massacre aka Dasht-i-Leili Massacre.  7500 Taliban fighters who had surrendered to Northern Alliance placed in sealed containers.  Between 250 and 3000 prisoners shot or suffocated en route to Sheberghan prison. Afghanistan, Dasht-i-Leili desert, west of Sheberghan.  36.657158 65.705892

Google Earth image 2004 predates the massacre.  See NYT

1.  President G.W. Bush. 
2.  Unidentified US taxpayers.
3.  Northern Alliance, under command of Commanders Kamal,  Taher and Charki, and Gen. Rashid Dostum, under supervision or with cooperation of 
4.  unidentified US troops.  
5.  Gen. Jurabek was in charge of prison where prisoners taken. 
Dec.2001- Carlotta Gall NYT report.

Aug.2002- Newsweek report.

2002 - Jamie Doran documentary "Afghan Massacre, Convoy of Death" causes concern in Europe.  Not reported in US.

Jul10.2009 -- James Risen NYT article

Jul13.2009 - CNN interview w/ Obama -- he says he has ordered investigation.

Jul17.2009 - Dostum publishes denials in Radio Free Europe

No one prosecuted.

Nov19.2005 24 unarmed civilians, including children, women, and elderly. Haditha Massacre by 8 US Marines from 3rd Batt., 1st Div. -- Revenge killing.  Haditha, Al Anbar Provinince, Iraq

34.132973 42.382523

1.  President G.W. Bush. 
2.  Unidentified US taxpayers
3.  Frank Wuterich
4.  Sanick de al Cruz
5.  Justin Sharratt
6.  Stephen Tatum
7.  Wm. Kallop
8.  Jeffrey Chessani, CO
9.  Luke McConnell, Co.  Commander
10.  James Kimber, Co. Commander
11.  Andrew Grayson
12.  Randy Stone




By Mar.2006, USMC and Naval investigators concluded there was evidence of a crime.  New picked up the story Jun.2006.

Wuterich, de al Cruz, Sharratt, Tatum charged w/ premeditated murder. The others for various crimes related to cover-up. 

Charges dropped vs. de la Cruz for his testimony.  Charges dropped vs. Sharratt and Stone.  Charges vs. McConnell dropped for his testimony. Charges vs. Tatum dropped. Charges vs. Chessani dismissed.  Grayson acquitted. 

Wuterich pled guilty to dereliction of duty and the murder charges dropped. Rank reduction and pay cut. 

MSM generally excoriated the USMC and Navy for the way the case was handled.   


Mar12.2006 Family of 4, 14-yr old daughter raped and killed. Mahmudiayah Massacre.  Premeditated rape and killing of 14 yr. old Abeer Qasim Hamaza.  Her father, mother and 6-yr old sister also killed by 3 soldiers of Army 101 Airborne 502 Infantry brigade. Al-Mahmudiyah, Iraq, S of Bragham AFB

33.066580 44.366263

1.  President G.W. Bush. 
3.  Paul Cortez.
4.  James Barker.
5.  Jesse Speilman
6. Brian Howard
7.  Steven Green


Howard acted as look-out while Barker, Cortez,  Spielman, and Green raped Abeer and murdered her and her family. 

Green, a civilian by the time charges were laid, was tried in US federal court.  Sentenced to life w/out parole. Now in the US Pen at Tuscon.

Barker, Cortez, Spielman pleaded guilty in court marshals.  They got 90, 100, and 110 years, w/ posibility of parole, respectively.   They are all in Leavenworth. 

Howard got 27 months and dishonorable discharge. 

Jul06.2008 47 civilians, 39 women and children Deh Bala wedding party bombed by US warplanes.    Afghanistan, Deh Bala village, Nangarhar province. 34.092073 70.469135

GE gives almost zero resolution.


1.  President G.W. Bush. 
2.  Unidentified US pilots.
3.  Unidentified US taxpayers.


Dec16.2008 -- The Guardian report. "I was still holding my grandson's hand -- the rest was gone."

Karzai investigation confirms reports.  No action taken against US. 

No one prosecuted.

Aug22.2008 92 civilians, 60 children, 15 women. Azizabad village bombed by US AC-130 warplanes for several hours. Afghanistan, Azizabad village 33.363899 62.342469 1.  President G.W. Bush. 
2.  Unidentified US pilots.
3.  Unidentified US taxpayers.
4.  Mohammad Nader -- called in the strike.
Karzai threatened to "renegotiate" terms of US presence.

US denied any casualties.

Feb.2009 -- Nader sentenced to death by local court. 

No Americans prosecuted.

Nov03.2008 37 civilians, 23 women and children Wech Baghtu wedding party bombed by US warplanes.    Afghanistan, Wech Baghtu village, Shah Wali District of Kandahar Province. 1.  President G.W. Bush. 
2.  Unidentified US pilots.
3.  Unidentified US taxpayers.
Nov06.2008 -- NYT report.

Nov08.2008 -- Karzai demanded Obama put an end to civilian deaths. 

No one prosecuted. 

Obama's Watch

May04.2009 145 civilians, 93 children, 30 women Granai massacre US warplanes bomb village w/ 500 and 1000 lb bombs. Afghanistan, Bala Boluk village 32.625690 62.478151 1.  President B.H. Obama. 
2.  Unidentified US pilots.
3.  Unidentified US taxpayers.
Karzai demanded US quit killing civilians and was rebuffed by US because the comments encourage Taliban. 

Jun16.2010 Guardian report that Wikileaks prepared to release video of the strike.

No one prosecuted.

Sep04.2009 >100 civilians Kunduz massacre.  US F-15E's drop 2-500 lb GBU-38 bombs on 2 fuel trucks, incinerating everyone gathered to get fuel from the trucks. Afghanistan, Kunduz City 36.721494 68.858125 1.  President B.H. Obama. 
2.  Unidentified US pilots.
3.  Unidentified US taxpayers.
4.  German Col. Georg Klein & German forces who called the strike.
The event was covered up by Germans.

Criticism of German involvement led to resignation of defense minister Franz Josef Jung.

Germany re-classifies Afghan as an "armed conflict" so that soldeers cannot be prosecuted for crimes.

No record of any US investigation. No one prosecuted.

Dec19.2009 41 civilians,
14 women
21 children
14 enemy |
al-Majala massacre.  US tomahawk cruise missile armed with cluster bomb. al-Majala, s. of Yemen 1.  President B.H. Obama. 
2.  Unidentified US taxpayers.

Cruise missle launched on Obama's orders killed at least 35 civilians.  US denied any involvement, but the pieces of the missile allow positive ID as BGM-109D Tomahawk, which Yemeni forces do not have and could not launch.  Amnesty International

A reporter, Abdulelah Haider Shaye, who went to the scene and reported the evidence was arrested by Yemeni police.  On Feb02.2011, Obama personally requested he be held, and 1.5 years later he still is. Story.


Feb21.2010 33 civilians, 1 child, 
4 women
Uruzgan massacre. US Special Forces, "Little Bird" helicopters "light up" 3 vans carrying innocent 42, unarmed civilians. Afghanistan, near border between Uruzgan and Daykundi provinces, 33.376939 66.221718 1.  President B.H. Obama. 
2.  Unidentified US pilots.
3.  Unidentified US taxpayers.
Amanullah Hotak, head of Uruzgan's provincial council, demanded a government investigation into what happened.

He said: "We don't want their apologies or the money they always give after every attack. We want them to kill all of us together instead of doing it to us one by one."

No reports of any investigations.  No one prosecuted for the massacre.  Pvt. Bradley Manning standing trial for telling the public about it. 

Mar11.2012 16 civilians, 9  children, 3 women Panjwai massacre.  One or more US Army soldiers from Camp Belambai kill civilians in their homes in the middle of the night. Reports of women being sexually assaulted.  Here is a list of the dead. Afghanistan, Zangabad village 31.449365 65.350906 1.  President B.H. Obama. 
2.  SSgt Robt. Bales, et al. unidentified US soldiers.
3.  Unidentified US taxpayers.
Report to Afghan parliament, 2 women were sexually assaulted by 15-20 US soldiers before they opened fire.

SSgt Robt. (Bobby) Bales is being held but has not yet been charged (Mar17.2012.)



May08.12 Mother and 5 children US drone attack.  US admits to the killings. Afghanistan, Helmand province 1.  President B.H. Obama. 
2.  Unidentified US drone pilots.
3.  Unidentified US taxpayers.
Once again Karzi says killing civilians is "unacceptable."  Of course, w/out the US Karzi is roasted pork on a Taliban spit, so he's not going to bitch too much.
May08.12 14 civilians This report is still in the "unconfirmed reports" stage. Afghanistan, Badghis province   Stay tuned. . .
          Updated Jul23.12





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